For this challenge, we get a small description and a .pyc file.

There is a way to find it!

Opening the .pyc file using a text editor we can see the flag in base64 in plain text:


Æ_™aªã@s`dZedƒZeekrTedƒZedkrJeddƒZe d¡e ¡edƒq\edƒned ƒd
S) Z very_secretzEnter the secret pass: z0Good joob enter the word ‘yes’ to get the flag: ZyesZvirusÚwzY3Rme0hpRGVuX1Bhc3NfQ3RGfQ==z%HAHA nice try, but look at a sus filez
enter yes zwrong, try again!N) ZpasswordÚinputZ pass_secretÚoÚopenÚfileÚwriteÚcloseÚprint©r r úhidden-pass.pyÚs

Converting the string from base64 to ASCII using CyberChef gives us the flag: ctf{HiDen_Pass_CtF}

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