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A year and a half ago I decided that I want to go to university abroad. After looking at what study programs most EEA countries offer, I finally decided that I want to study in The Netherlands, but the information I initially found turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, and new and for some deal-breaking information turned up constantly for the last year and a half. This experience made me realize that most of the information related to going to university is transmitted via word of mouth and without anyone to talk about this, there is no accessible way to get all the information necessary to make an informed decision, even when you have lived in the country you want to study for all of your life.

This experience inspired me to start working on, a wiki-style website dedicated to creating a free and accessible knowledge base so anyone who is interested in going to university abroad can take an informed decision.

After thinking about a name to use I decided that some combination of “studyabroad” on a relevant TLD would be my best bet and after looking at available TLDs I’ve seen that is available, so I’ve registered it.

After finding the name and getting the domain I’ve started thinking “How do I go about creating my own wiki”.

My first thought was to use a static site generator like Jekyll, but quickly realized that making people learn Markdown and create a GitHub account is probably not the best idea for getting contribution, especially to a new, unknown project like this.

So I started googling “how to start your own wiki” and reading this surprisingly good wikiHow article about this topic and reading on Reddit about different software and I have found that there are a few wiki software that are constantly recommended: dokuwiki, wiki.js, and MediaWiki. After reading about all of them I decided to eliminate DokuWiki due to it using a file system backend, and wiki.js because it seems that is geared more towards use in private wikis, leaving MediaWiki as the final option.

I am planning to get the website hosted on a managed service, buy right now to test the software I will use OCI’s always free AMD VM.

I will make sure to keep you updated as I continue to work on this project.

Well, that’s it for today. Thank you for reading and have a great day!

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