FORENSIC2 – Redacted Letter

This challenge gives us this description:

We think one of the aliens is pretending to be a human and meeting with an Earth company! But when we intercepted their letter, all the important content was redacted.

Can you find a way to view the redacted information? The flag is the room number of the room they are meeting in wrapped in IGE{}.

And this PDF file:

The solution for this challenge is similar to the one for the FORENSIC1 – Say Hello challenge. To get the answer we just have to select the “redacted” text and paste it without formatting:

I hope you are doing well. During our last meeting, we talked about the new
technological developments uncovered by my team’s research and discussed
how it could affect your company. My team is seriously considering accepting
the proposal you made us and would like to meet with you on September 7th,
2045 to discuss further details.
Please be our guest at 842 Secret Road in room 53 on the 22nd floor

And like this, we get the next flag: IGE{53}

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