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A year and a half ago I decided that I want to go to university abroad. I finally decided that I want to study in The Netherlands, but the information I initially found turned out to be just the tip of the iceberg, and new and for some deal-breaking information turned up constantly for the last year and a half. This experience made me realize that most of the information related to going to university is transmitted via word of mouth and without anyone to talk about this, there is no accessible way to get all the information.


For this challenge we get a .jpg file that doesn’t open and the following description: Tocmai ce am primit poza asta dar nu o pot deschide I just got this picture but I can’t open it Suspecting that the magic […]


This challenge gives us a text file and the following description: Ai auzit vreodata de limbaje ezoterice? Have you ever heard of esoteric languages? Inside the file we can see a lot of seemingly random characters This is JSFuck code. […]


This challenge gives us a file with a base64 string inside. eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpZCI6IjE5NDc1MSIsIm51bWUiOiJNaWhhaSBWaXRlYXp1bCIsInBhc3N3ZCI6IkFCU08tQ1RGe2ZuaTMkTUZrSyRtMXZWNTJmbHY1OFYhTm12TjF9In0.frWBx3TnYJKYzj0BlGtcl1EJdj9uDPuRo5UNFQjerBE Coverting it from base64 to ASCII using CyberChef gives us this: {“alg”:”HS256″,”typ”:”JWT”}{“id”:”194751″,”nume”:”Mihai Viteazul”,”passwd”:”ABSO-CTF{fni3$MFkK$m1vV52flv58V!NmvN1}”}..`qÝ9Ø$¦3.@e.×%ÔB].Û.>ähåCEB7«. Which is a cookie that contains the flag: ABSO-CTF{fni3$MFkK$m1vV52flv58V!NmvN1}