For this challenge, we get a small description and a .pyc file. There is a way to find it! Opening the .pyc file using a text editor we can see the flag in base64 in plain text: a Æ_™aªã@s`dZedƒZeekrTedƒZedkrJeddƒZe d¡e ¡edƒq\edƒned ƒdS) Z very_secretzEnter […]


This challenge only gives an image and this short description: Get the flag. Running strings on this image gives us some binary data. Binary data, which decodes to Frr, gb trg gur synt jnf rnfl: nofb-grpu{RnfL_fgRT_sYNt} . Decoding this from […]

Lorem Ipsum

This challenge gives us a text document that has the classical Lorem Ipsum text but after a closer look at that text you can see some seemingly random characters Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod […]