This challenge gives us a text file and the following description: Ai auzit vreodata de limbaje ezoterice? Have you ever heard of esoteric languages? Inside the file we can see a lot of seemingly random characters This is JSFuck code. […]


This challenge gives us a file with a base64 string inside. eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJpZCI6IjE5NDc1MSIsIm51bWUiOiJNaWhhaSBWaXRlYXp1bCIsInBhc3N3ZCI6IkFCU08tQ1RGe2ZuaTMkTUZrSyRtMXZWNTJmbHY1OFYhTm12TjF9In0.frWBx3TnYJKYzj0BlGtcl1EJdj9uDPuRo5UNFQjerBE Coverting it from base64 to ASCII using CyberChef gives us this: {“alg”:”HS256″,”typ”:”JWT”}{“id”:”194751″,”nume”:”Mihai Viteazul”,”passwd”:”ABSO-CTF{fni3$MFkK$m1vV52flv58V!NmvN1}”}..`qÝ9Ø$¦3.@e.×%ÔB].Û.>ähåCEB7«. Which is a cookie that contains the flag: ABSO-CTF{fni3$MFkK$m1vV52flv58V!NmvN1}


This is the most solved challenge from this competition. The challenge gives us a binary string, which converted from binary to ASCII using CyberChef gives us the flag: ABSO-CTF{F39zLV5Ncb5zM!nVB5Mlq1dcb5tzz52m1c5V}


This challenge gives us a python script with the flag split up and randomized and the hash of the correct flag: After making this absolutely HORRIBLE code I got the correct flag: abso-tech{c197a03b7f75ca7bd7bfd7db1dd7534adbd1f9c800171e26fc5753644f0b26ea87f8}.


This challenge gives us the following description: Come on, brute force it! and a webpage that just has the text “Not here” If you inspect element this page you will get this: After visiting the page from the comment we […]

Lorem Ipsum

This challenge gives us a text document that has the classical Lorem Ipsum text but after a closer look at that text you can see some seemingly random characters Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod […]